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Events in April 2020

  • There are no events scheduled during this period.
Date Day Event
3 Mon Iowa Caucuses;
AZ Capitol: State of Education address,
House Education Committee, 2:00 PM
4 Tue State of the Union; 7:00 PM
5 Wed Environmental Day, State Capitol
7 Fri 8th Presidential Debate, ABC 6:00 PM
9 Sun ▶ District canvas
11 Tue New Hampshire primary
12 Wed Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, fly the flag
13 Thu D12 “Happy Hour” at Rio Rico, 5:30
14 Fri Arizona Statehood Day;
Valentine’s Day
17 Mon ▶ District 12 Monthly Community Meeting;
     Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day), no school, fly the flag
18 Tue Deadline to register as a Democrat to vote in the AZ Presidential Preference Primary (March 17)
19 Wed AZ Presidential Preference Primary – Early voting begins;
9th Presidential Debate, NBC
22 Sat George Washington’s actual birthday;
Nevada Caucuses
25 Tue 10th Presidential Debate, CBS;
Mardi Gras
29 Sat South Carolina Primary
Leap Day